Staubsaugen erfrischend anders.

The company


Refreshingly different.
For more than 100 years.

Many people are not aware that they have already often encountered our technologies. Because as a developer of the first electrically powered metal washer and manufacturer of spin dryers, we are represented in many products from different reputable brands and manufacturers. Our family has been active in Siegerland for four generations and we have remained Made in Germany.

We have always been committed to providing innovative products that are based on the needs and desires of our customers. We just listen well when it comes to the development of new products. Based on market research, we know that many consumers expect more than the range of current vacuum cleaner can offer. A good reason for you to rely fully on the THOMAS vacuum cleaner. Whether small, flexible bag vacuum cleaners with superior high-tech equipment, bagless vacuum cleaners with unique AQUA PURE filter technology or the spray-suction air purifiers with spraying function and AQUA+ technology. Those looking for a special vacuum cleaner find with THOMAS exactly what they need.

Of course, the products of THOMAS fulfill all important and current standards in terms of quality, environment and energy efficiency, regularly receive awards and achieve excellent test results. Raw materials are used in a sustainable way and processed using cutting-edge technology.

THOMAS is refreshingly different.
Then as now.

Made in Germany


We love cleanliness.

And this has been the case for over 100 years. At THOMAS we develop products that consumers really want.

The new, small, cheeky and agile THOMAS crooser has been developed together with employees at the famous ”School of Design Thinking of the Hasso Plattner Institute”, and continually tested and examined. The unusual, likeable vacuum cleaner meets the requirements of strict criteria and safety standards and is completely MADE IN GERMANY.

A quality product just as we love it.


On all accessory and spare parts. Whether filters or nozzles –
THOMAS provides you with a 10 year availability guarantee