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Stories: 16/06/2015

71 – 74 – 71

No, these are not the dimensions of Germany’s next top models. 71 – 74 – 71 are the peak values of the silent paws – or better: silent suckers – by THOMAS. All three vacuum cleaners of the crooSer series stay clearly below the concert volume of a nightingale. That would be 78db.


Silent vacuum cleaners: The rules

From 2017 onwards, life will get difficult for the loud ones among the vacuum cleaners. An EU directive then prescribes that the average maximum volume must not exceed 80 decibel. The TÜV recommendation even goes one step further. 75 decibels is recommended as the maximum level here.

The “sound power level” of a floor vacuum cleaner measures the suction sound, specifically in the setting in which the device develops its maximum output. How nice that the crooSer-models already meet all current and future directives: The sound power level of the crooSer turbooz is at 74 dB(A), eco, care, smart and parquet are even a little more silent at 71 dB(A) – and thus far below the required limits.


Goodbye annoyance

Honestly: The nose backdrop when vacuum cleaning can be quite annoying. Wouldn’t it be nicer if one was able to talk at a normal volume while someone vacuums next door? What if the neighbours were no longer complaining because one wants to use the vacuum cleaner in in the evening? The volume of the crooSer at full power roughly corresponds to the sound of a running TV – and that isn’t any reason for complaint either. If you can, make do with half power when vacuum cleaning, and the crooSer will only whisper on your parquet or carpet.

It is particularly nice that the low noise does not impair suction power: Strong suction and low noise – so vacuum cleaning can be fun!


News: 30/10/2014

The THOMAS crooSer in Formula One fitness

Europe is to save electricity. Or to be more precise: It will be more efficient with its energy. The first thing to be affected was the classic lightbulb. Because of its lack of efficiency, it has been replaced in shops by modern alternatives. Now EU commissioners are turning their focus towards vacuum cleaners: They are getting involved in saving electricity.

Energy-efficient vacuum cleaning: A technological challenge
It’s a bit like Formula One: If regulations change, the engineers have to think of something to get their racers in pole position. The complete package consisting of engine, aerodynamics and chassis needs to have an optimal balance. Now a vacuum cleaner may not be a fast Formula One car. But an optimal balance is still important. Getting strong suction power with little electricity consumption requires some real fine tuning. The new generation of motor of the THOMAS crooSer has a rated power of 650 watts max. meaning it plays in what could be considered the Champions League for vacuum cleaners: Energy efficiency category A.
All components of the crooSer – from the housing, filter and suction hose to the nozzles, have been flow-optimised to ensure maximum suction power.

Best performance with less energy
The new regulation for vacuum cleaners came into force in the EU on 1st September 2014. The THOMAS crooSer, which completely fulfils the requirements of the new directives, gets excellent marks in the EU Energy Label report by independent testing institutes. And yet the small high-tech vacuum cleaner crooSer is not just first-row in terms of energy efficiency alone. It also scores in other disciplines: With 71 dB(A), it gets a top grade for noise emission. Equipped with a Blue CleanAir HEPA 13 filter system free of fibre glass, this bundle of energy stands out equally for its excellent cleaning performance and also gets the highest possible grade in the dust emission class.

It is in this way that we use our know-how to launch optimal products for our customers. Small, light, extremely agile, energy-saving – and quite simply powerful when it comes to keeping the entire household clean.



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