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Stories: 16/06/2015

71 – 74 – 71

No, these are not the dimensions of Germany’s next top models. 71 – 74 – 71 are the peak values of the silent paws – or better: silent suckers – by THOMAS. All three vacuum cleaners of the crooSer series stay clearly below the concert volume of a nightingale. That would be 78db.


Silent vacuum cleaners: The rules

From 2017 onwards, life will get difficult for the loud ones among the vacuum cleaners. An EU directive then prescribes that the average maximum volume must not exceed 80 decibel. The TÜV recommendation even goes one step further. 75 decibels is recommended as the maximum level here.

The “sound power level” of a floor vacuum cleaner measures the suction sound, specifically in the setting in which the device develops its maximum output. How nice that the crooSer-models already meet all current and future directives: The sound power level of the crooSer turbooz is at 74 dB(A), eco, care, smart and parquet are even a little more silent at 71 dB(A) – and thus far below the required limits.


Goodbye annoyance

Honestly: The nose backdrop when vacuum cleaning can be quite annoying. Wouldn’t it be nicer if one was able to talk at a normal volume while someone vacuums next door? What if the neighbours were no longer complaining because one wants to use the vacuum cleaner in in the evening? The volume of the crooSer at full power roughly corresponds to the sound of a running TV – and that isn’t any reason for complaint either. If you can, make do with half power when vacuum cleaning, and the crooSer will only whisper on your parquet or carpet.

It is particularly nice that the low noise does not impair suction power: Strong suction and low noise – so vacuum cleaning can be fun!


Stories: 23/07/2014

Slalom when vacuum cleaning – what fun!!!!

What gets on my nerves the most when vacuum cleaning? Using a vacuum cleaner that is as stubborn as a mule. One you have to wrench and drag through the house and which constantly falls over. This is why I insisted on taking the THOMAS crooSer for a “test run” first. And what a surprise! The small cleaner darts around corners in a truly splendid way.

What the advert promises is true for once. The crooSer is such a surprise. This soon becomes clear when you try it out in the living room. The cleaner responds to every movement immediately, rolls super smoothly and is extremely agile when going around the table or chairs. No comparison to older, conventional models, which stubbornly make their way across the room and even require you to lift them around. If it were a car, it would have to be an old Mini Cooper, which would leave all the other cars behind in the slalom race. This is exactly how it feels when manoeuvring through the rooms with a crooSer.

Take a look under the housing and you will see why: It is the special 360-degree easy-drive swivel castors (as they call them) that provide this great “driveability”. The vacuum cleaner rolls perfectly smoothly on parquet flooring and takes curves in a gentle and quiet manner. This means you can move the crooSer around all furniture without the worry of hitting anything and leaving dents. And in case there is a small collision, the all-round protection bumper, which is available in great colours, will cushion the blow very nicely.

The people at THOMAS are right in saying that vacuum cleaners can be fun to use. And the crooSer is a very good example.


Stories: 20/03/2014

Lights on!

Aha, so vacuum cleaning is supposed to be fun, I thought to myself as I unpacked the new vacuum cleaner. I needed a new one, since the old one had started to become rickety. Vacuum cleaning and fun? On the contrary, vacuum cleaning is the ultimate punishment. Twice a week. At least the crooser has a few components that I have never before seen on a vacuum cleaner. This nozzle with an LED light for instance. Nice little gimmick, I thought at first. Since I have already opened it, I might as well try it out. The batteries are also included, so I don’t need to head off out to purchase some before I can use it.

Insert batteries. Attach nozzle. And off we go. Lights on! It feels a bit strange to be navigating the flat with a light on the vacuum cleaner nozzle. But the LED light acts almost like a headlamp, as it lets you see even the smallest bit of fluff. All the things on the floor that up to now I would normally have cleaned around…

Next stop: the sofa. Shine the light and take a look at what has gathered there. The sofa is immediately moved aside. And the balls of wool all vacuumed away. I’m starting to understand what they mean when they say: vacuum cleaning can be fun. Since the crooser is a relatively small vacuum cleaner – at least in comparison to the old monster we had been using – you don’t have this constant tugging that annoyed me most when vacuum cleaning. And because it is such a compact vacuum cleaner, it has the handling characteristics of a go-cart, nimbly taking all corners.

So I move on into the bedroom. Let’s see what is hidden under the chest of drawers. Another place that is so easily neglected when vacuum cleaning. And another ingenious detail: the light automatically switches on in the dark, like the headlights of a car – so I slide the nozzle under the chest of drawers. And right at the back next to the skirting board, something blinks. And what do I see? The small golden pendant of my wife’s necklace. We have been looking for that for two weeks. Without the “headlights“, I would have vacuumed it away surely – never to see it again. So there you have it, vacuum cleaning is not only fun, it also brings good luck.


Stories: 30/09/2013

A dog’s best friend.

An den Hund gekommen.If we are honest, the real boss around here is Herr Kowalski, a very headstrong dog. Renownedly sensitive to noise and extremely jealous. When the new THOMAS crooSer animal plus first came into our lives, Herr Kowalski treated him with a disparaging scepticism. This soon changed however.

He follows the new vacuum cleaner with great interest while it works, obviously happy that it is quiet, and sometimes just sleeps on while the vacuum cleaner is in operation around him. A truly animal friendly vacuum cleaner, one that I am also very happy with because it is very light and because it protects me, my dog and my furniture.



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