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News: 30/10/2014

The THOMAS crooSer in Formula One fitness

Europe is to save electricity. Or to be more precise: It will be more efficient with its energy. The first thing to be affected was the classic lightbulb. Because of its lack of efficiency, it has been replaced in shops by modern alternatives. Now EU commissioners are turning their focus towards vacuum cleaners: They are getting involved in saving electricity.

Energy-efficient vacuum cleaning: A technological challenge
It’s a bit like Formula One: If regulations change, the engineers have to think of something to get their racers in pole position. The complete package consisting of engine, aerodynamics and chassis needs to have an optimal balance. Now a vacuum cleaner may not be a fast Formula One car. But an optimal balance is still important. Getting strong suction power with little electricity consumption requires some real fine tuning. The new generation of motor of the THOMAS crooSer has a rated power of 650 watts max. meaning it plays in what could be considered the Champions League for vacuum cleaners: Energy efficiency category A.
All components of the crooSer – from the housing, filter and suction hose to the nozzles, have been flow-optimised to ensure maximum suction power.

Best performance with less energy
The new regulation for vacuum cleaners came into force in the EU on 1st September 2014. The THOMAS crooSer, which completely fulfils the requirements of the new directives, gets excellent marks in the EU Energy Label report by independent testing institutes. And yet the small high-tech vacuum cleaner crooSer is not just first-row in terms of energy efficiency alone. It also scores in other disciplines: With 71 dB(A), it gets a top grade for noise emission. Equipped with a Blue CleanAir HEPA 13 filter system free of fibre glass, this bundle of energy stands out equally for its excellent cleaning performance and also gets the highest possible grade in the dust emission class.

It is in this way that we use our know-how to launch optimal products for our customers. Small, light, extremely agile, energy-saving – and quite simply powerful when it comes to keeping the entire household clean.


News: 23/06/2014

THOMAS Vacuum Cleaners – Made in Germany

Products “made in Germany“ stand for values the customers appreciate, this is also true of vacuum cleaning. The THOMAS crooSer is a perfect example of “made in Germany“ –  from idea to product: A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, compact, small and quiet, making house or apartment cleaning more enjoyable.


Vacuum Cleaners Made in Germany

Recent studies revealed that even nowadays products labelled “made in Germany“ enjoy a special reputation. All over the world consumers still associate values such as quality, durability, high functionality and innovation with this designation of origin.

THOMAS vacuum cleaners are made in Germany – and the perfect example for the succes of a family enterprise that has been following the motto “do the best for the customers“ for more than 100 years. To this day the Robert Thomas, Metall und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG factory (electrical and metal works) have been standing by the location of business at Neunkirchen in the Siegerland district in North Rhine-Westphalia. The enterprise does not only have a total staff of more than 300 employees, but it also prefers local production partners when selecting the suppliers of components – this ensures short transport distances and more flexibility. For over 50 years the THOMAS business culture includes the in-house job training of junior employees, who are offered long-term opportunities.


Vacuum Cleaning Experts

In the company history the production of the first European eletrically driven metal washing machine at the end of the 1940s is regarded as a significant milestone. Today the development and manufacturing know-how focuses on high-quality vacuum cleaners that never ceases to demonstrate the performance of this company with long tradition. The THOMAS crooSer is also one of these products that continue the THOMAS enterprise philosophy.


With a wide range of functional and efficient bagged vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners with AQUA filter THOMAS established itself as a quality brand “made in Germany“, which is appreciated in more than 30 countries all over the world.


THOMAS. Refreshingly different vacuum cleaning.


News: 11/09/2013

The new joy of vacuum cleaning. At the IFA 2013.


Vacuum cleaners with bags are all the same? And powerful at the same time? Not really! The small, agile, cheeky THOMAS crooSer stands for vacuum cleaning with the fun factor. With its unusual character, the first vacuum cleaner with a „Bumper System“ cunningly reflected the motto of the IFA 2013 in Berlin: „Be the first to experience smart innovations!“

Premiere: Vacuum cleaner with „Bumper“

crooSer-messe_5The THOMAS trade fair stand was in fact a special point of attraction for many of the invited and spontaneous trade fair guests. The visitors were obviously extremely interested in the trend-oriented lightweight that brings with it a magnificent unique selling point. Something completely new for the vacuum cleaner is the Bumper System – a switchable all-round protection available in many different colours. “That is just like it is with my Smartphone” was just one commonly expressed remark made by visitors. The colourful bumpers on the high quality vacuum cleaner are however not just there for the visual impact. When vacuum cleaning, the colourful bumpers protect the furniture, skirting boards, doors and frames. And because the THOMAS crooSer, weighing in at a mere 4.7 kg thanks to its compact construction, is so light and small, it is simultaneously kind to its owner when vacuum cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning with fun factor.


The notion that vacuum cleaning can really be fun was even to be put to the test for the THOMAS crooSer “live”. Parcour vacuum cleaning with the new vacuum cleaner at the THOMAS trade fair stand enthralled the audience. “It is so agile, really light, so powerful and quiet” was the verdict. No wonder, as thanks to the 360° Easy Drive Castors, the THOMAS crooSer offers a great deal of freedom in movement for housework. The cruising visitors were able to experience first hand how the small, agile, cheeky vacuum cleaner easily negotiated each corner.

The verdict: A successful first large trade fair appearance for the THOMAS crooSer. It has passed the test and shown what it is about: small size, agility and cheekiness. At the same time being lightweight and quiet. The team at the THOMAS trade fair stand was pleased with the positive feedback from the numerous and interested visitors. And proved with the THOMAS crooSer models: Vacuum cleaning can be fun!



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